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Vinyl printed stickers, makers of vinyl stickers for business use. Short print runs are ideal
for printing on our Gerber Edge print machine.
Arro Signs. 7A Bemister Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH9 1LF. Tel: 01202 546540.


The gerber Edge thermal printing process may well be the solution for your next vinyl sticker printing requirement, The printer is designed for the production of short run stickers onto self adhesive vinyl. It has a print height of 295mm by 50 metres long off a vinyl roll. The printer can print one colour stickers onto white vinyl or clear vinyl, it can also print onto coloured vinyls. Print colours are determined by the colour foil used to print with, there are many colours to choose from as well as black and white, gold and silver.

One colour print stickers are used to make information stickers, logo stickers, product stickers, safety sign stickers, custom stickers and can be made from as small as 5mm x 5mm in size up to 295mm x 3000mm. When printing a sticker that has more than one colour such as a two colour logo sticker printed in a short run of say 20off, our machine does the job. Our printed vinyl stickers are also printed in three colours or more as solid full spot colours.

The detail on printing small text is very good as well which comes in useful when dealing with information stickers. We also use the printer to produce logo plaques which we then stuck onto acrylic and mounted onto timber. The gerber edge printer can also print in full colour for graphic signage for use on shop signs or van graphics though we find it most used for the production of detailed logos or graphic type images. The gerber edge printer is good at printing 3D effect lettering for signage, small full colour cartoon type or illustrative stickers such as bugs and butterflys. Because it prints a solid type colour it is an ideal solution for many small run jobs. Car permit stickers are ideally suited for printing with the edge machine, self cing stickers such as SALE stickers are good to do on the edge.
 There are so many things that can be printed using the thermal printer.

Self adhesive Vinyl Sticker, One and Two Colour Printed Stickers and
Three colour Printed Stickers and labels,
Arro Signs print stickers and labels for business  throughout the UK.
Please contact us be phone or email for a quote or advice. Thank you.


Arro Signs. 7A Bemister Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH9 1LF. Tel: 01202 546540.