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Big 3D Letters

A popular method of producing large 3D letters.

Example shows  letters made from 200mm thick polystyrene, painted in two layers of vinyl matt emulsion, 1500mm high in a font called Impact.

Polystyrene sheets are supplied to us 2440x1220mm which we then cut to shape. If letters are needed larger than the sheet size this is possible. Larger letters may be made in sections and then glued together on site by the customer. Further finishing work would be required if the letters were supplied in section, gluing then filling, sanding and then painting.

Our most popular size for large 3D letters is 1000mm high, 200mm thick, using a font called Impact.

Example letter X was cut from three sheets of 300mm thick polystyrene. it was supplied in five sections. the largest part was the middle section of 1200mmx2400mm with four smaller parts of corner sections. The letter measured 3000mm high and about 3000mm width by 300mm thick. It was supplied unpainted in five large boxes delivered and ready for the customer to glue together. The letter required further finishing work to be done to hide the joins and fill any gaps or blemishes in the material, this work was done by the customer.

Polystyrene lettering can be supplied from 1/2" to 24" thick and 1"to 48" high in 1200 typestyles and 50 colours.   Supplied in a natural  white finish, painted or vinyl card faced. Polystyrene lettering is mainly used for exhibitions, shop displays or conferences. Polystyrene letters can also be used for permanent signs out side; with a special plastic coating. Polystyrene letters are fairly fragile, light weight and produce a striking image which makes it ideal for internal header panels.

Example of Big Red SALE letters made from painted polystyrene.


Arro Signs. 7A Bemister Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH9 1LF. Tel: 01202 546540.